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This page is a HTML version of isolabel manual page. Original (plain text) version could be found as ISOLABEL.txt in isolabel-0.2.0, isolabel-0.2.1, isolabel-0.2.2, and isolabel-0.2.3 source package.


isolabel - change volume label on ISO 9660 image file




isolabel sets IMAGEFILE's ISO 9660 volume label to the NEWLABEL. If --joliet option was specified, volume label on IMAGEFILE's Joliet extension will be changed instead of ISO 9660's one.

IMAGEFILE is assumed to be a plain ISO 9660 image file (CD-ROM MODE 1, MODE 2 form 1, DVD, BD user data with 2048 bytes/sector, single track). Other sector size or other mode (e.g. CD RAW mode 2532 bytes/sector) are not supported.

Characters in plain ISO 9660 volume label can only be uppercase 'A'-'Z' or '_' (unless --force was used), and can not be longer than 32 characters.

For Joliet volume label (used with --joliet option), label can be any character except nonprintable ASCII, '*', '/', ':', ';', '?', '\' (unless --force was used), not longer than 16 characters, and not ending with space.

-j, --joliet
set volume label on Joliet extension, instead of plain ISO 9660
-f, --force
allow label that violates ISO 9660 or Joliet extension, label can now be any character, but still cannot end with space and not longer than 32 characters (or 16 characters in case of Joliet)
-v, --verbose
display verbose information about the operation
-h, --help
display short help and exit
-V, --version
display version and author information, then exit


To change ISO 9660 label of imagefile.iso to "NEW_LABEL", use:

isolabel imagefile.iso "NEW_LABEL"

To change Joliet label of imagefile.iso to "Joliet Label", use:

isolabel --joliet imagefile.iso "Joliet Label"

Exit Status

if the operation was succeeded
if user supplied invalid command line parameters, e.g. specified NEWLABEL for ISO 9660 with more than 32 characters (or 16 characters if --joliet was used), trying to use invalid character in NEWLABEL, or didn't specify IMAGEFILE, NEWLABEL
if data inconsistency was detected, e.g. IMAGEFILE is not a valid ISO 9660 disc image, or trying to use --joliet with non-Joliet IMAGEFILE
if system error was detected, e.g. IMAGEFILE cannot be opened, file read, write, seeking error, or character encoding conversion failed


Written by Nachanon Vetjasit


On systems other than Unix-like and Windows, isolabel currently assumes that NEWLABEL parameter is using ISO-8859-1 encoding; using non-Latin 1 volume label with --joliet option on those systems will result in gibberish volume label.

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Copyright © 2014, 2015 Nachanon Vetjasit
License: GNU GPL
This is free software, you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.